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When you turned around, you saw a guy with slicked-blonde hair and icy blue eyes looking at you.  You got the feeling he was more of the serious type.

“Hallo, frau*,” he spoke. You noted the German accent in his voice.


The German slowly walked to the bench and made a gesture, asking to sit. You nodded.

“Vhat are you doing out here by yourself?” he questioned. You sighed.

“Are you up for a long story, mister-uh…” you stopped, not knowing his name.

“My name is Ludwig Beilschmidt. Und you?” he replied. Your ears flattened on your head.

“I-I’m (full name). Nice to meet you, Ludwig,” you responded, shaking his hand. 

You paused, taking something into consideration. “I’m surprised you haven’t said anything about these.” You pointed to your Neko features. Ludwig shrugged.

“Vell, zhey’re just additional features, (f/n). A little odd, but… nozhing to laugh at.”

“Heh,” you said curtly, “Not to my parents and other people. Because of these, I’ve been an outcast my whole life. Abused, teased, mocked… nobody cares about a Neko like me… and I’m never going back to my home.”

Ludwig glanced at you, a slightly worried look on his face. “Are you sure, frau? Vouldn’t your parents be vorried about you?”

You firmly shook your head. “They never cared about me before, and they won’t care now. They were trying to find ways to get rid of me before I made my decision,” you state glumly, bringing your hand up to tuck back your ears.

There was a moment of silence. Then Ludwig spoke up. “(F/n), if you need a place to stay,” he sighed, “you can stay at my place.” You looked up at him in disbelief.

“A-are you sure? I don’t want to be a bother,” you said. He shook his head.

“Nein*, it’s no bozher, frau.” He gets up, and you slowly get up as well. “Let’s go.”

~~~Le Timeskip~~~

After you two arrived at the house, he started cooking dinner. You offered to help, but Ludwig insisted on doing so himself. So, you had a look around, getting familiar with your surroundings. 

Your (h/c) ears lay back on your head, something you had developed in attempt to hide them. Soon, dinner was ready, and thank God, because you were starving.

You took your first bite, and widened your eyes. “Oh, wow, Ludwig, this is amazing!” you exclaimed with your mouth full. The German let the corner of his mouth twitch into a smile.

“Danke*, frau. I’m glad you like it,” he answered, and began eating his own food.

Dinner was finished and it was time to clean up. Despite him telling you to sit down, you washed the dishes. You didn’t mind doing so for you wanted to do anything you could to repay the blue-eyed man for his offer.

“(F/n), zhe bedroom is ready for you,” Ludwig told you after you had put away the last dish. You smile and follow his lead.

 When you entered the room, your smile increased. It had brown walls, a black bedspread, and a little bedside table next to the bed.

You turned to the German, grinning. “Thanks, Ludwig, you don’t know how much this means to me!” You gave him a quick hug and said good night before shutting the door. Ludwig sighed.

“I hope she doesn’t turn into anozher Feliciano…”

~~~Another Timeskip by Potatoes and Wurst~~~

Thus far, you have spent about half a year with the serious German. He was fun when he opened up to you a little more. 

You were pleased and relieved he didn’t mind your (h/c) ears and tail, but, out of habit, you still tried to keep the ears laying back on your head.

Later on, he had introduced you to his two friends, Feliciano, a bubbly Italian, and Kiku, a silent Japanese guy. Feliciano had hugged you when he first saw you, and you didn’t know it, but Ludwig grew a little jealous.

He had developed a feeling of love for you. He loved how you were happy, but could manage to be serious at the correct time. He adored your shimmering (e/c) eyes, the way your silky (h/c) hair framed your pretty face.

But he was fond of your cat appearance most of all. He’d wanted to tell you how he felt, but he also felt you would probably reject him. Boy was he wrong.

Truth be told, you had a fondness for this handsome German as well. You loved everything about him, the icy blue eyes, the sleek blonde hair… but your feelings of shame because of you being Neko still lingered, and you did not want to cause embarrassment to Ludwig if you told him you loved him.

Right now, you were sitting on the couch, thinking about how you could tell him, when you felt a tap on your shoulder. 

You turned your head to see Ludwig, then put your hand up to slick back your ears. You were stopped by a strong hand holding your wrist.

“Frau, vhy do you do zhat? You know I don’t mind them…”

You looked down. “Well, i-it’s just a habit.”

 You attempt to pull your hand away, but he wouldn’t let you. Ludwig pulled you closer, leaning in little by little.

“Liebling*, I love your ears when zhey are up, not down. You look cuter zhat vay…” He then closed the little space left with a sweet kiss.

You were too stunned to move for a time, but then kissed back with equal love. Your hands came to play with his blonde hair, his hand expertly gliding up and down your  left side as the other lay on the small of your back. He tilted his head to deepen the kiss, making you smile a little bit. 

Then that little thing called air was needed, and you pull away, breathless.

“Ich liebe dich*, (f/n)…” he said in a soft voice, his fingers stroking your tail. You understood what he said and replied.

“Ich liebe dich auch*, Ludwig… so much,” you respond in his native tongue, hugging him close. The man smiled a rare smile and kissed your temple.

The two of you fell asleep on the couch, letting dreams of your life together enter your minds.

Hallo, everyone, everyone's favorite German is now up! :iconyaygermanyplz: Please comment and fave, always appreciated! Happy - NaNoEmo - day 25 




Hallo, frau~ Hello, girl/woman
Nein~ No
Danke~ Thank you
Liebling~ Darling
Ich liebe dich~ I love you
Ich liebe dich auch~ I love you too

I do NOT  own the preview!
Hetalia, Germany, Italy, and Japan belong to: :iconhimaruyaplz: 
You belong to: :iconsexygermanyplz: or yourself, but which is better for you?

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